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The unimaginable urge to express creativity through self-expression, art, design, voice & life… Whatever the medium!

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Navigating The Currents Of Oddfish Energy -
An Online Art & Design Course.

In a world where conformity stifles creativity, you find solace in the emergence of a vibrant community of artists with a unique energy. You are an Oddfish—a diverse individual who celebrates your oddness, embraces your quirkiness, and channels your creative energy into remarkable works of art.


Within the Oddfish community, you discover a haven—a space where imagination knows no bounds and self-expression takes flight. Here, artists from all backgrounds come together, sharing their passion, ideas, and inspiration. You support one another, celebrate your individuality, and collectively push the boundaries of artistic expression.


Guided by the esteemed artist and mentor, Steven Bross, you are ready to unlock the depths of your artistic calling. The wonders of the Oddfish Energy captivate you as you embark on this transformative journey. You brace yourself for a realm where creativity reigns supreme—a fusion of imagination and skill that gives rise to art that defies expectations.


As you progress through the levels, you will dive into the fundamentals of art, explore new techniques, and discover influential art movements. You will unleash your unique creative potential and join the ranks of the Oddfish community. Connecting with like-minded artists, you will leave your colorful mark on the world, celebrating your own unique perspective.


Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure, where your artistic talents will flourish, your oddness will be celebrated, and your creativity will shine brighter than ever before. Welcome to the realm of Oddfish Energy—where your journey as an artist begins!

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