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Game Overview: Chronicles of the Cursed Clock

In the heart of an industrial revolution fueled by steam and sorcery, the world of "Chronicles of the Cursed Clock" unfolds. This steampunk universe is marred by a great schism in time, brought forth by the discovery of the Cursed Clock, a mystical artifact with the power to manipulate the very fabric of history. Amidst the smoke-filled skies and cog-lined streets, a tyrannical regime seeks to harness this power to rewrite events in their favor, threatening the continuum of time itself.


Enter the Timekeepers' Guild, an assembly of mages, mechanics, and rogues who have mastered the art of clockwork magic. This guild serves as the last bastion against temporal tyranny, using their skills to mend rifts in time, correct anomalies, and oppose the regime's machinations. As a member of this guild, players navigate through a world of intrigue, adventure, and mechanical marvels, engaging in a battle that spans both the cobblestone streets of the empire and the elusive strands of time.


Main Characters

Evelina Gearhart - The Mechanist Mage: Once a celebrated inventor within the empire's elite, Evelina's life took a sharp turn when her creations were repurposed for control rather than enlightenment. With her intricate knowledge of both magic and mechanics, she becomes a pivotal member of the Timekeepers' Guild. Evelina specializes in crafting temporal gadgets and spells that can manipulate short bursts of time, making her invaluable in correcting anomalies and battling the regime's enforcers. Her character design reflects a fusion of elegance and utility, with a clockwork-inspired staff and attire adorned with gears and arcane symbols.


Thornwick "Thorn" Bramble - The Time-Rogue: Born in the slums of the empire, Thorn learned early on that survival meant bending the rules. His natural agility and cunning made him an expert thief, but it was his encounter with the Timekeepers' Guild that revealed his unique ability to sense time fractures. Thorn serves as the guild's scout and infiltrator, using his skills to outmaneuver the regime's forces and sabotage their plans. His character design is rugged, with leather gear equipped with various time-manipulating devices stolen or scavenged from the regime, embodying a rogue's charm with a steampunk twist.


Sir Cedric Holloway - The Chrono-Knight: A defector from the regime's elite guard, Sir Cedric's allegiance shifted upon witnessing the horrors committed in the name of temporal dominance. Swearing fealty to the Timekeepers' Guild, he brings formidable combat skills and an unbreakable sense of honor to the fight. Cedric specializes in defensive magic and is capable of slowing time around him, creating opportunities for his allies to strike. His character design merges the traditional knight's armor with steampunk aesthetics, featuring clockwork enhancements and a broadsword embedded with a time crystal.


Gameplay and Story Arc

Players will navigate through a rich narrative, choosing one of the main characters to begin their journey, with the option to recruit the others along the way. Gameplay involves a mix of puzzle-solving, where players must figure out how to repair time anomalies using their unique abilities, and combat, where strategy and timing are key to defeating the regime's minions and altered historical figures.


The overarching quest leads players on a chase through time, from the industrial cityscapes to the very moments pivotal to the regime's rise to power. Along the way, they will uncover the origins of the Cursed Clock, learn the sacrifices that come with wielding such power, and face the moral dilemmas of changing history. The culmination of their journey will not only decide the fate of the empire but the integrity of time itself.

Download Characters

Download Cityscapes

Project Overview: "Chronicles of the Cursed Clock" Character Design and Poster Creation



Design and create a digital poster featuring Evelina Gearhart, Thornwick "Thorn" Bramble, and Sir Cedric Holloway, set against a backdrop that encapsulates the game's steampunk world. Additionally, design a logo for "Chronicles of the Cursed Clock" to be included in the poster. The final composition should tell a story and showcase the unique elements of each character and their environment.

Format: Digital Composition, 8.5 x 11 inches


Timeline: 7 Days (14 Hours Total)


Day 1: Introduction and Conceptualization (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Introduction to steampunk genre and the game's premise. Begin brainstorming for character poses, interactions, and environmental setting.

  • Second Hour: Start sketching character interactions and positioning for the group poster. Consider how they might stand or interact in a way that reflects their relationships and roles.


Day 2: Character Development and Initial Layout (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Develop each character's design, focusing on attire, accessories, and weapons/tools. Outline the environment's basic elements.

  • Second Hour: Create rough sketches of the characters together, incorporating feedback on initial ideas and ensuring the layout works as a cohesive whole.


Day 3: Environment Sketching and Logo Conceptualization (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Sketch the background environment in detail, considering how it reflects the game's setting (e.g., clock towers, steam engines, Victorian architecture).

  • Second Hour: Brainstorm and sketch preliminary designs for the game's logo. The logo should encapsulate the essence of "Chronicles of the Cursed Clock."


Day 4: Refining Sketches and Integrating the Environment (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Refine character sketches and begin integrating them into the background, ensuring a seamless blend between characters and the environment.

  • Second Hour: Finalize the game's logo design. Start incorporating the logo into the poster's layout, considering placement for balance and visibility.


Day 5: Color Application and Texturing (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Apply color schemes to characters and environment. Choose colors that complement each other and enhance the steampunk aesthetic.

  • Second Hour: Add textures and details to the environment and characters, highlighting steampunk elements like gears, steam, and clockwork mechanisms.


Day 6: Final Details and Logo Placement (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Add final details to characters and environment, ensuring every element is cohesive and polished. Review the logo's placement and size on the poster.

  • Second Hour: Make any necessary adjustments to the design, focusing on readability, composition balance, and overall aesthetics.


Day 7: Presentation Preparation (2 Hours)

  • First Hour: Prepare a short narrative or description for your poster, explaining the characters' interactions, the significance of the environment, and the story behind the logo design.

  • Second Hour: Finalize the digital composition, ensuring the file is correctly formatted and ready for presentation. Practice your presentation, focusing on your creative process, design choices, and the story your poster tells.



Present your final poster to the class, discussing your design process, how you integrated the characters with the environment, and the story behind your game logo. Be prepared to explain your artistic and narrative choices, showcasing how your design captures the essence of "Chronicles of the Cursed Clock."

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