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Final Project - Level 1 - Start-Up

Student Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the principles of entrepreneurship by planning, creating, and launching their own Etsy business. They will research and brainstorm ideas for products, develop concepts and prototypes, test and refine their products, create branding and packaging, and launch their business on the Etsy platform. Through this project, students will gain experience in problem-solving, decision making, and critical thinking, as well as developing skills in creativity, communication and digital tools. Additionally, they will learn how to gather and analyze customer feedback and use it to improve their business.


Final Project Expectations:

Student Level
Etsy Prompt Ideas:

Eco-friendly home decor

items such as bamboo utensils, beeswax candles, and cloth napkins.

Handmade Jewelry

items such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces made from materials like wood, stone, and glass beads.

Customized stationery

items such as personalized notepads, monogrammed pencils, and stamped envelopes.

 Children's toys

items such as wooden blocks, cloth dolls, and activity books.

 Pet accessories:

items such as handmade collars, leashes, and pet beds.

 Vintage clothing and accessories:

items such as vintage dresses, hats, and bags.

 Hand-painted ceramics:

items such as mugs, plates, and vases.

 Art prints:

items such as photographic prints, watercolor paintings, and digital art.

 Natural skincare:

items such as soaps, lotions, and scrubs made with natural ingredients.

 Gourmet food:

items such as jams, jellies, pickles, and baked goods.

Hand-painted glassware:

items such as wine glasses, vases and ornaments.

 Hand-made paper products:

items such as journals, notebooks, and greeting cards made with recycled paper and/or natural fibers.

Etsy Business Project Steps

Research and brainstorm:

Research different Etsy businesses and products to get an idea of what is currently popular and successful. Brainstorm ideas for products they could create and sell based on their interests and skills.

 Concept development:

Once they have a general idea of the products they want to create, develop the concepts further by making sketches and notes on materials, colors, and designs.

 Prototype development:

Create a prototype of the product. This could be a rough draft, a mock-up or a sample.

 Testing and refining:

Test the prototype with potential customers, gather feedback and use that feedback to refine the product.


Once the product is finalized, start producing the item in bulk.

 Branding and packaging:

Develop a brand and packaging design that will make their product stand out.


Create an Etsy account and launch the business by listing their products and promoting the business through social media and other channels.

 Monitor and improve:

Monitor the performance of the business and gather feedback from customers. Use that feedback to continuously improve the product and the business.

Final 4 Graded Projects:

Research and brainstorming:

Students will turn in a research report that includes information on popular Etsy products and businesses, as well as their own brainstorming notes and sketches for their product ideas.


Concept development:

Students will turn in detailed sketches and notes on the materials, colors, and designs for their products. They could also include a concept statement that explains the inspiration behind their product and how it is unique.


Prototype development and testing:

Students will turn in a prototype of their product, along with a testing report that includes feedback from potential customers and how they used that feedback to refine their product.


Final product and launch:

Students will turn in the final version of their product, along with branding and packaging materials. They would also include a launch plan that explains how they plan to promote their business on Etsy and other platforms.

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